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New Member Basics:

Physical Demands

You will be constantly on your feet. A wide vision of the playing field is a must. Quick reactions and speed are advantages. As the players’ ages increase and the competitive levels increase, the physical demands will also increase.

Initial Training:

Expect lectures, demonstration and exercises on the basic rules at local association meetings.

Equipment Needs:

  • Polished, black athletic shoes, preferably cleated

  • Black socks

  • Black pants (with white stripe), black shorts (with or without white stripe) and a black belt

  • Collared 2 1/4 inch striped shirts, both short and long sleeves

  • A fitted black hat with white piping

  • Officiating tools: flags, down indicator, beanbag, information cards, pencil, whistle, lanyard, chain clip, sports watch with timer & signal card

  • Estimated cost: $225. Veteran officials sometimes have "hand—me—downs" that help new officials get started

Game fees:

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