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Welcome to the 2020-21 Football Season …


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   5-Official Run Zone Coverage Slides

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NCOA North Football Philosophy 2020: 

Player - Coach - Foul communication progression. 

When possible let the player know action could be a foul. As soon as possible or if escalation is necessary inform the coach. At this point if action persists call the foul


   2020 Classification Letter

   2020 Calendar

   2020 Instruction Information

   Instruction Hour Record Keeping


   New Rules PowerPoint 

   NCOA North Football Anthem Mechanic

NFHS Courses

All NCOA football officials are required to complete the Concussion Course, Sportsmanship Course, and the 100 Question Certification Test.

When completed, send an email to Tim Landrus (t.landrus@sbcglobal.net) with the Course Name and Date Completed.  For the 100 Question Test, inlcude your score as well.  You do not need to send the actual certificate.

     -- Concussion Course, Click Here  

     -- Sportsmanship Course, Click Here

     -- Social Media Course Click Here (optional)

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Weekly G Questions:

   Running Questions

   Passing Questions

   Dead Ball Questions

   Kicking Questions

T1 Class PowerPoints

   Class 1 Intro-Pre Game-Coin Toss

   Class 2 - Free Kicks

   Class 3 - Running Plays

   Homework 3 - Passing Plays

   Class 5 - Passing Plays

   Class 6 - Punts

   Class 7 - Field Goals - PATs

   Class 8 - Goal Line

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