Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's:


Q. What are the requirements to become an NCOA Official?
A. The requirements are as follows:

  • Be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Submit to NCOA a valid application for registration (available online -- Click here)
  • Pay appropriate non-refundable registration fees.
  • Attend & satisfactorily pass NCOA annual training requirement.
  • Certify that you have never been arrested for or convicted of a felony. Note: If you have been convicted of a felony, you must explain and provide NCOA with documentation on the conclusion of the incident.  You may still be able to officiate, if given permission by NCOA.
Q. I'm really interested in officiating. How do I get started?
A. Visit our Steps to Become an Official Page -- (Click here) to see what it takes.
Q. How do I find other local officials associations in my area?
A. You can find additional local officials associations to supplement your schedule by contacting each sport recruiting committee.
Q. Can I be a member of more than one local officials association in the same sport?
A. Yes. When registering with NCOA, you will be able to work for another association. 
Q. How much does it cost to register with NCOA?
A. Registration fees are $75 for your first sport & $50 for each additional sport.

Q. When can I register?
A. Registration for each seasonal sports usually starts as follows: Fall sports (Football & Girls Volleyball) from mid-June until 09/01, Winter sports (Basketball, Soccer & Wrestling) from mid-Sept to 11/30, & Spring sports (Baseball, Softball & Boys Volleyball) from 12/01 to 01/31. 

Q. Do other local officials associations charge a fee?
A. Yes, however, you will need to contact the other local officials association to confirm the cost.
Q. How much will I make as a registered NCOA Official?
A. NCOA Game Fees Schedule -- (Click here) for NCOA Game fees. 

Q. What materials / supplies will I get from NCOA after I register? 
A. Registered officials will receive online versions of the National Federation Rules Book, National Federation Case Book, National Federation Officials’ Manual (when available), Officials Insurance, and an annual Official ID Card.

Q. How do I get game assignments?
A. Once registering with NCOA is complete and contact with the JSS Assignor is established, your assignor will advise you of the assignment process used. NCOA requires training meeting attendance and evaluation of level of officiating as a part of the certification and assignment process.
Q. What are the start-up costs as a new official?
A. Registration & uniform cost.  Go to our Sports Page -- (Click here) and select a sport to view estimated costs.
Q. I've registered to officiate, but my plans have changed. May I have a refund of my registration fee?
A. Registration fees are partially refundable before the sport season starts. However, officials MUST notify NCOA office in writing directly.
Q. If transferring from another state, how do I get credit for my years of experience?
A. The state association's office will need to communicate (or verify) years of experience to the NCOA. Please note that all years of experience may not be accepted. You will have to contact your old state association to have them send this information to us (usually via fax or email).
Q. I have additional questions or a suggestion for this FAQ. What do I do?
A. Use the Contact Page -- (Click here) to contact us and ask us!